• A Door Opens. Flea Market Style.

    Standing in line at the grocery store a few days ago, I scanned the magazine racks for something interesting, entertaining, and inspiring to bring home. Nothing! I had already savored the 2 home decor magazines that interest me and was hungry for more. Sadly, my favorite publications have disappeared from the newsstands and my mailbox this past year, along with my job as editor-at-large for Country Home Magazine.

    They say one door closes and another opens...well, it flew wide open! The big news I have been dying to share with you is..Matthew Mead, style expert and friend, and I are partnering to create and produce a new magazine titled Flea Market Style - a 144 page newsstand magazine chock full of vintage style decorating, fresh projects, collecting tips, special features and more, to be released early spring 2010. Whew! I didn't know how long I could keep a secret!

    Matthew and I are thrilled to welcome some of the most talented folks we know to join our magazine team including Linda MacDonald of Restyled Home and Heather Bullard. We are also in the process of creating a blog dedicated to the making of the magazine (including bloopers) and will let you know as soon as we have it up and running, hopefully mid-August!

    I will be crazy busy this summer with Junk Bonanza and Flea Market Style; so if you notice I am slacking off on my blog, it is only because I am working my butt off and having tons of fun!

    I think I can say a new door just opened...a really big garage door!
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