• Ugliest Light Fixture in the World Contest

    I spotted these remarkably ugly light fixtures in the dumpster today. My dad, the man that never throws anything away, was tossing them. He said he couldn't imagine anyone in their right mind would want them...not even for free. I guess he just doesn't understand us junkers!

    I gingerly pulled them out from under the bags of smelly waste and am delighted to announce Ugliest Light Fixture in the World Contest.

    Here's the scoop. Simply share your ideas to repurpose/redesign any or all of the fixtures. I will transform one of the fixtures using the winning idea. You can comment as many times as you like before Monday May 4 2009 9 PM Central time. This is a brainstorming no idea is a bad idea!

    I will re-craft and photograph the winning idea the following week and post the winner along with a final photo on Monday May 11 2009.

    I have asked style guru Matthew Mead to help me pick the winning design. Entries will be judged on creativity, style, originality, and do ability. If there are duplicate ideas, I will go with the first comment unless the latter includes a different twist.

    What will you win? A gift certificate to Junk Revolution's online store for $100. Wow! And I do all the work. On your mark, get set, think junk!

    Don't forget Mother's Day is May 10th...give the gift that keeps on junking! Junk Revolution Gift Certificates now available!
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