• Shakin' in my Boots.

    I admit, I was a little rattled yesterday morning when mother nature threw a temper tantrum. We experienced fantastic lightening, strong winds, and periodic heavy rains all evening, but by 7 AM the stormy weather seemed to be clearing out. I slopped through my morning farm chores under a pleasant light drizzle.

    My sister and I were standing in her open barn as the weather made an immediate and dramatic change. Violent winds, booming thunder, and torrential rain came out of no where. We were stuck. Under a roof, but exposed to the elements. Rivers of water went rushing by us, my horse was frantic and rearing to escape over the stall door, and water soaked us to the bone. (I was wondering where one goes in Florida when a tornado basements.) My adrenalin was rushing and my heart pounded.

    An hour later we walked the property to check out the damage. The animals seemed to have settled down quickly and were taking advantage of the tasty downed limbs and trees.

    Luckily Sara and Princess didn't get caught under this tree next to their hay feeder. I suspect they heard the cracking tree trunk and ditched.

    Boards blew off the fence posts they were nailed to, a 60" round glass top lifted off my folks outdoor table and floated to the concrete patio without breaking, and we lost our electricity for most of the day.

    We have lots of clean-up ahead of us, but I am thankful no one was hurt. The newspaper today reported a tornado touchdown, just down the street.

    The animals seemed to take it in stride...(Notice in the photo there is a fenced area that once housed a large tree. We found the tree intact 2 pastures over.)

    The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day today!
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