• My Journey

    I am taking a break from my blog for a bit; need to tend to life's details. Along with finishing up Flea Market Style Magazine this month, I am packing up and moving to the bunkhouse on my folk's horse farm in Ocala, Florida.

    I will be splitting my time between Minnesota and Florida as I am working on an exciting new Minneapolis based project along with the Junk Bonanza, of course.

    You can catch me hanging out on the Junk Revolution Community message boards and I will continue to talk junk on the Flea Market Style Magazine site. Don't forget to check out the Junk Revolution Online Store for your holiday gift giving!

    I will be sure to post any earth shattering news as it happens. I plan on getting a blog face lift during my sabbatical, since I haven't done a thing to pretty up my blogspot since I started posting over a year ago. Any ideas?

    I am nervous, anxious, but excited to start my new journey. Wish me luck!
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