• Flea Market Style Magazine Blog Official!

    If you've already been there, you're probably wondering what's taking me so long to announce our Flea Market Style blog?!?! My excuse!

    We launched our blog for Flea Market Style magazine very late last night after a major glitch...created by me...spelling the word style wrong, without a t, when I registered the blogspot name...Since our magazine blog includes bloopers, you most certainly will read all about it in the upcoming weeks! For the record, I do know how to spell the word style...without spell check. Really. Tell me you've never done something as stupid as this?!?!

    Linda and I plan to blame it all on Matthew who was in dreamland during the horrific event of launching! I am not going to ramble on...Check out our new blog site and get ready for an amazing new magazine!

    You can grab a blog button off the new site to help us let the world know!
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