• Tradition, Family, and Friends.

    It was a Holiday filled with beautiful memories.

    Weather made travel tricky for the kids, but they made it! Taylor, above, sneaking in a color with Bea. (Bea loved her conversation clips gift!)

    Hanukkah brunch with Kerry's family. (If you look closely, you will see our menorah candles didn't want to behave this year.)

    Tyson with his grandpa Fritz...97 years young.

    Taylor and her boyfriend Ben. His first encounter with 13 below zero.

    Grandma Shirley, grandpa Fritz, and the kids. I can't seem to bring myself to stop calling them 'kids', even though they are well into their 20's.

    Christmas Eve with our good friends the Stickneys included unlimited food, games, and laughter (Ben acting out Tina Turner in the background.)

    The younger generation displayed their skills at water pong. The family version of beer pong.

    Christmas morning by the tree and a very late breakfast. Didn't plan our shower schedule very well. Forgot to take into consideration 5 bodies and our inadequate water heater. I was the last one in....Brrrr.

    Ben and Kerry showing off their football spirit.

    Christmas day dinner at Uncle Scott and Aunt Alta's included the traditional dessert, Lemon Snow with custard. Numerous phone calls to my out of town family. My brother, Kim, and his family joined us for a sleepover on their way to Wisconsin.

    Things are winding down. I am exhausted. Lots of laundry and yes, dishes. What a wonderful time we had. There is nothing better than tradition, family, and friends.

    I realized when I sat down to write this post...I was behind the camera and never in any photos...Ooops!

    Happy New Year to all!
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