• Just a pile of junk...or is it?

    I have been itching to do a project. You know, get your hands dirty, touch the junk, brainstorm ideas, feel that sense of "wow, that's pretty cool" when you are finished.

    With the opening of Junk Revolution's online store I have been spending way too much time at the keyboard and taking photos. I decided to challenge myself this week with this pile of junk. These not terribly exciting bookends were given to me (love that free stuff) by a flea market vendor that was tired of carrying them around.

    I have stared at them sitting next to my desk for months suspicious of their potential. I have 5 ideas that I plan to tackle this week. Not sure if they will all be great, but I am anxious to get started! Check back to see how they turn out.

    Don't forget to visit my store where you will find the perfect gift for that special junker in your life. Give the gift that keeps on junking... a junker tee shirt!

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