• Big News.

    As many of you know, my life has taken a few unexpected junk turns in the past year. It just took another. My last Cool Junk column for Country Home magazine will be this December. I suspect you will see a few of my projects popping up from time to time as they have been archived. (I will let you know when they do.)

    I will be freelancing while looking for a new magazine home. If any of you have a neighbor, that has a brother, that is married to a woman, that has a friend, that works for a magazine, that is looking for a junk expert...let me know!

    I would like to thank the folks at the Country Home for giving me the opportunity to share my junk wisdom, reuse philosophy, ideas, projects, and travels with the world. A sincere thanks to the loyal readers that cheered JunkMarket on over the years. Your enthusiasm has been overwhelming. I can't put into words how much your support has meant to me. ( I have been struggling for a while here at the keyboard trying to do just that.)

    I will miss working with Country Home, but look forward to seeing what is around the next turn.

    Stay tuned as my journey continues.
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