• The makings of an online store

    November 10th. EEEEK! It is just a little over a week away. Junk Revolution's online store will open its doors to customers. It will be a quiet opening. The big "bell ringer" grand opening will come a few weeks later, as soon as I can get all my ducks in a row.

    Thanks to friends and family I have help in this endeavour. My good friends Rob and Tieran are building the website one piece of junk at a time. Taylor, my daughter from LA, is in charge of posting product, writing descriptions, fulfilling orders and reordering product. We have been working together on our junk assortment and it has been great fun! (We will be offering both a classic and trend category of junk apparel.)

    The pillow pictured above is made by my sister, Karla from Florida. She was working on my ideas for pillows embellished with recycled men's ties and decided to take time out to design bottle cap pillows. I love them!! I have asked her now to do a 20" square as well. We need to rethink the tie thing...I'm sure we will come up with something. She made the tie Christmas tree skirt we featured in Country Home several years ago.

    My friend and junking buddy Cammie from Nebraska is crafting bottle cap belts for the website along with a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

    Our categories will consist of Classic gear, Trend gear, Make a statement, Accessories, Home, One-of-a-kind, & Seasonal. We won't have everything up on the 10th, but will continue to add every week.

    Tieran, Taylor and I design all the exclusive T-shirt designs. This one is for fellow bloggers!

    Have you ever looked up the definition of Junk?

    In between shooting and designing I made a quick pick-up of Pie plate thing-a-ma-jigs from artist Suzanne and her daughter Rachel. I need to shoot soon, and was hoping you could help.

    I want to shoot them for the winter season and am not sure what would look the best. They would be great planted with wheat grass, a chocolate bunny, and eggs for Easter, Gourds and mini Indian corn for Autumn, add a check napkin and fill with brownies for a summer get the idea. If you have some fun winter ideas for my upcoming photo for the online store, please share.

    My guest bedroom is officially a photo studio, much to husband's dismay. I will continue to give you sneak peaks of the process. If you have some ideas of things you would like to see in Junk Revolution's online's your chance. Let me know!

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