• Garage Sale. Recap.

    Hurray! We made it! My husband and I survived 3 days of garage sale mania. I'm exhausted! In Minnesota, Thursday is known as garage sale day. I advertised in the newspaper and on Craig's list. (I was a Craig's list newbie.) To my surprise, everyone I asked came off Craig's list. It poured the day before so I was unable to mark anything outside, but figured I'd get up early and mark in the morning before opening. Just in case, I posted signs apologizing for my lack of preparation.

    As soon as the sun came up..I was ready to finish marking...or so I thought. I bundled up for the 36 degree reading on my thermometer. Long underwear, winter boots, ski jacket, hat, gloves, and a pocket full of Kleenex for the sniffles was my uniform of the day. When I opened the garage door, assuming I had a couple hours yet to mark, I noticed folks milling around the soggy tables and tarps in the driveway. Of course, I invited them to shop early.

    The signs of apology came in handy. I sold most unmarked stuff before I was able to get to it with a permanent marker and masking tape. My husband and I had so much fun! We enjoyed visiting with folks, some that came back all 3 days. I even met a few fellow bloggers!

    Kerry did the heavy duty negotiating on the big ticket stuff like snowmobiles. He said I gave the store away. He was right. I did. And had fun doing it. I was amazed how ten cent and one dollar items can add up! I continued to add to the free pile throughout the sale and it continued to disappear.

    I posted yellow signs everywhere.

    I really had no idea what most of this stuff was, let alone what to ask for it.


    After. A noticeable improvement, don't you think? I bet we will be able to get 2 cars in if I consolidate!

    Unfortunately I was so busy during the sale I forgot to take photos, however I did get this pic of our last customers of the day, Jennifer, Chad, and Gizmo stopping to shop on their way to a costume contest at one of the local Pet stores. They were a shoe in to win!

    I was right. We had the sale just in time! Those white flecks you see in this photo are snowflakes! Really. It has been snowing for more than an hour now.

    I have a busy week ahead. I will share with you the process of getting our Junk Revolution online store up and running by Nov. 10. Our guest bedroom has turned into a photo studio and I will pretend to be a photographer.

    The Junk Bonanza website has been updated for 2009. I am excited to announce we will be moving to Canterbury Park and will continue to update you with new photos, activities, vendors and other fun stuff.

    Did you finish your junk pumpkins for the contest? I can't wait to see them!
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