• Garage Sale Update

    This is it! I have been talking about a garage sale for almost a year now...This Thursday Oct. 23, Friday & Saturday is my big sale. I doubt that I will have everything marked and polished, but I can't wait any longer. The weather is bound to take a nasty turn any day now. I placed my ads in the newspaper and on Craig's list, so I am committed! My husband said he would help out...wish us luck!

    Had to let you see the tree in my front yard. Isn't it magnificent?

    Valarie, Michele, & Michele from the Red Shed sent me this wonderful bauble. When visiting their website I noticed they had a class in cool, I always wanted to learn how to solder. A salt shaker, a clip earring, and a little solder.

    I added a wire to hang and it makes a fun ornament! I would love to see a potted bare branch tree, maybe spray painted and glittered with all sorts of baubles hanging from it. What a wonderful centerpiece!! (If you are really nice you could give them as party favors!) The Red Shed gals just had another cool class last week. Check it out!

    Remember I told you about missing the Junk Jaunt...well you won't have to. My friend and junking buddy, Cammie, sent me incredible photos of her journey and the junk she found along the way. As soon as I figure out how to do the slide show thingy, I will post them. For sure, I won't miss it next year. We could all meet up!

    If you have any suggestions for beginners on how to do the slide show thing...please pass them along. I am still learning the ropes!

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