• More Ideas House Projects!

    The best ideas require little or even better, no work!

    Take for example the "curtains" in the Bachman's Ideas House. The white kitchen needed a pop of color but with opening day deadline approaching, time for a custom sewing job was out of the question. A quick, and might I say, adorable solution was to simply tie these new vintage-look aprons on cuphooks attached to the window frames!

    This second project really happened by accident. I was working in the kitchen one day while much of the interior of the house was being painted. Needing a paper towel holder, I grabbed one of the painters empty rollers and voila! - we had ourselves a one of a kind paper towel holder - for free! My plan was to attach to a base and use in the craft room. When I went looking for an appropriate base Lora had the same idea for the kitchen!

    She attached our repurposed paint roller/paper towel holder to the end of the butcher block island. How is that for re-purposing?

    I had a wonderful week in Florida. I was even able to get out for some junking and will share pictures with you next week.

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