• Living Simply - A junker, her couch, bed and (finally) a can opener!

    I am a junker. Living simply has never quite been my motto. I drive a pick-up truck because I know good junk can be found everywhere and I want to be prepared. We junkers never think one of anything is enough – a box of 100? Now that’s more like it!

    Unexpected career opportunities have allowed me to experience simple living. And I am here to tell you that YES, even a junker can embrace a “less is more” lifestyle!

    I moved into the charming duplex, I now call home in Minnesota, and purchased just the basics – a couch, a bed and a kitchen table. Slowly, I am adding the accessories that make my home uniquely mine.

    Addicted to white bedding, I dressed my bed in crisp white linens and added a couple of the Nancy Polacek pillows featured at Bachman’s. Aren't they darling? The pillows are a perfect compliment to my freshly painted walls – “Wheeling Neutral” by Benjamin Moore.

    I also have my favorite American Legion wine glasses along with recycled soda bottle glasses purchased at Bachman’s. Until just recently, I could serve my guests a glass of wine, but forget about cooking dinner! I didn't even have a can opener! Thanks to my friend Patty I am now equipped to open cans! Oh my, I have no excuses...'cept no pots and pans in the cupboards yet. Looks like it will be take-out for a while.

    The curious painting above is a gift from my friend Jane – I have had my eye on it for sometime in her shop, Mustard Moon – or maybe he has had his eye on me! I am trying to find just the perfect place to hang him where he won't creep my guests out.

    My hand-me down-television - well, let’s just say for now, this is working. I am definitely on the hunt for just the right cabinet! Maybe need to shop the local used restaurant supply store.

    This week I am busy finishing up the last projects which will be featured in Bachman's Idea House. Be sure to visit their website to purchase your tickets.


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