• Time Flies!

    The new year is a month old and I haven't had a minute to flop down and say hello! Life has taken me for a marvelous ride these past few months and continues to deliver surprising opportunities and joyful moments.

    As I mentioned in my previous post, I was planning a move to the bunk house on my folks farm in Ocala, Florida. Well, my furniture and things moved. I stayed behind braving the obnoxious temperatures and tolerating frozen car windshields and the thirteen layers of clothing it takes to keep warm in Minnesota in January. What for you ask? I was hired as a consultant by Bachman's, Minneapolis based garden, floral, home and gift retail stores to introduce vintage finds along with exclusive product designed and made by local artisans. It has been extremely rewarding and right up my alley. We are racing against the clock to reveal the new concept March 20 in 3 of their stores.

    I have had a chance to check out my stuff stacked in the bunk house garage and unpacked one room. Also got to take a day to check out my first flea market of the year in Webster Florida. The sun was shining and I shopped happily with my sister and brother-in-law in a sweat shirt. (No long under wear needed.) My purchases included a harvest gold dial phone, a vintage American Legion belt buckle mold, and a round slide carousel. I love it all!

    Flea Market Style Magazine looks absolutely wonderful and hits the stores officially Feb 23! (I heard it may be at the book stores the weekend prior.)

    You may have noticed I haven't had a blog face lift....too much stuff to do and too little time. Will check back in soon to update. Be sure to grab a new junking tee on the Junk Revolution online store for junking in 2010!
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