• Heading South.

    Yep, I'm heading South...for the winter. I know you're thinking I'm wimping out. I have braved Minnesota winters most of my life, but have the opportunity to spend some time with my folks at their farm in Ocala, Florida. I am packing up my computer, camera, fancy new phone (with all the advanced technology yet to be mastered), a few short sleeve tees & a pair of jeans, a trunk full of junk necessities, and my saddle. For the first time in my career, I can work from anywhere. My husband, who proclaims he loves the cold weather, has graciously offered to drive with me, to and from. I suspect if the winter becomes unbearably harsh, he may sneak down for an occasional warm-up.

    We leave Tuesday January 6th and will be driving my big black pick-up that bears a bumper sticker proclaiming I brake for junk. Kerry promised me he would take a deep breath, relax, and allow impromptu check out interesting junk shops and sales. I suspect it will take us 2-3 days to reach our destination.

    If you have any suggestions of great places to stop along the way, let me know! Antique stores, junk shops, salvage yards, used restaurant supply stores, restaurants, motels, tourist attractions...whatever. I am game! Since our trip will be an unscheduled adventure, I won't know when we might reach an area. Our game plan is to travel the following route:

    Minneapolis to Mason City Iowa via I35
    Mason City through Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, & Iowa City to Missouri border via 218
    Missouri border to St. Louis via 61
    St. Louis to Mt. Vernon Illinois via I64
    Mt. Vernon to Marion Illinois via I57
    Marion through Peducah Kentucky & Nashville to Chattanooga Tennessee via I24
    Chattanooga through Atlanta Georgia,Valdosta, & Gainesville to Ocala Florida via I75

    I have made the trip to Florida many times during my life. Mapquest has given me a different route than what I am used to traveling. What the heck, "I am feeling adventuresome!" I told my husband, so we are going to try something new. Old get the picture.

    I have a strong liking for grits, so Cracker Barrel will definitely be a place to look for. (I eat my grits with lots of butter, salt, and pepper.) I would love to hear any of your must check out junk hot spots along our route! I would also appreciate any tips you may have for clean restrooms or good food.

    When I arrive in Ocala I will be greeted by my mom, dad, my sister, her husband, and KC, my adopted horse. (Will give you the lowdown on KC in a later post.) I will be lucky enough to reside in my own bunkhouse and have promised to share in horse and donkey duties. I have access to 2 workshops so I am bringing only my favorite Tomboy drill.

    Yes, there are flea markets in Florida. I am scheduled to meet my friend, Tim Luke, at Renningers Extravaganza in Mount Dora on January 16th. It is only 30 minutes from my folks and boasts 1,400 vendors! It will be my first time there, so if you have any tips on the market or don't miss vendors, please share!

    Looks like the Junk Revolution message boards will be up sometime Monday. I will try to post before I leave to let you know. I plan on packing up my computer last. I can't wait to visit with everyone!

    I'm heading South and I'm bringing you with. This will be fun! And warm!

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