• Kitty Update.

    Many of you have asked how Rev, my garage sale kitty, is doing. Your comments touched my heart. Thank you. Well, today he left to live with a wonderful family with 5 kids and 2 dogs. He went home on approval to be sure he and the dogs get along. Keep your fingers crossed.

    As you know I have been out of town for 10 days. During my absence Rev has been socializing with the neighbors. He has gained a few pounds and his backbone and ribs are hardly noticeable when you pick him up to snuggle. His eyes are clear, his coat shiny, and his sniffles are gone. Rev is obviously feeling better as he has been leaving us presents on our front stoop. Of the mice variety.

    My husband, Kerry, who is not an animal lover, actually got attached to Rev while I was away. It seems the neighbor kids did, as well. Rev is moving just across the street...if he doesn't bite the dogs, that is. They said they would give me daily updates during the transition and visiting rights should they adopt him officially. I am sad for me...but happy for Rev. He deserves a good home. I will miss him. I believe he is an angel of purpose.

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