• California

    I am in sunny California. What a treat, as winter is quickly approaching Minnesota. Why am I here? For the Junk Revolution, of course! I am staying with my daughter and son, Taylor and Tyson, in their very cool apartment 1/2 block off of Melrose Ave. As many of you know, Taylor is an aspiring actor (stage name Taylor Nash), and she will also be heading up the Junk Revolution online store. The online store will launch November 3rd, and will include t-shirts and sweats, jewelry, accessories and some wonderful one of a kind junk. 

    Unfortunately, Taylor had 4 wisdom teeth pulled the day before I arrived, and she has been in a lot of pain. She looks like a greedy little chipmunk or a chubby bunny, as her brother describes her. Despite her swollen cheeks, her over-calming pain killers, and a few quick trips to the bathroom to relieve the nausea, we have actually accomplished a lot!

    Taylor wore a scarf all day, she couldn't stand to look at herself!  Thank God for painkillers.

    Tomorrow I meet with a well known production company that is interested in a junk tv show. Very exciting! I will let you know how it goes. I hate being so secretive, I can't wait till I can spill the beans!

    T-shirts and belts for the Junk Revolution online store are a work in progress!

    Rigley, Taylor's dog helped brainstorm.

    There is so much to tell you about the Revolution...I will continue to update you. Yes, we will have forums, projects, tips and products, contests, and junk content. Slow but sure, you will see my vision become a reality! I can't do this without you. Let me know your ideas, what you'd like to see on the site, and thoughts on where this all could take us.

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