• Junk Revolution. The Board Room

    I bet you are wondering what's up with my new venture, Junk Revolution. Lots! From the outside it may appear as if I have taken a break from the junk world. Hardly! I despise the age old saying "all good things take time", but it's true! I started my business plan this summer, and I am still working on my mission statement. You will be the first to hear it when it is just right. I have this vision for the Junk Revolution, and it is bigger than I can wrap my arms around in just a couple of months. Junk Revolution will be your World Junk Headquarters, where you can go to go to learn, share and be inspired.

    The revolution tag line says it all all. Rescue. Reuse. Reimagine. Inspire.

    To do all of the things I'd like, I need advertisers and sponsors for my business and website. I won't be bombarding folks with random, flashy, distracting adds you find on most sites, rather introducing you to products that I believe in. I know that sounds idealistic, but it is my goal. I have met with several potential corporate sponsors that understand my nontraditional philosophy, and I can't wait to announce them to you!

    One of my favorite stories is my meeting a few weeks ago with a very large potential sponsor. I arrived extra early and waited in the 2 story lobby along with suits from all over the country. I was a tad intimidated entering the large board room which yielded a massive conference table with 10 plus people that included department heads, VPs,. legal, and marketing people sitting in silence around the table waiting for my presentation. I felt as if my sneakers squeaked all the way to the head of the table. I am sure they were waiting to be blown away by some incredible power point presentation and professionally package booklets listing why they should partner with Junk Revolution. Instead, I set a small lonely junk project in the center of the table. They stared at it quietly for a moment. What did junk have to do with their product? Nothing, until I explained to them that this little project represented personal creativity and promoted the powerful eco-friendly movement. They were starting to get it. Yeah! Not everyone in the room understood the importance of blogs and the blogging community. I don't know if I changed their minds, but I knew when I left they were thinking, could this girl be on to something? It looks like I convinced a majority of the folks at the table that day, because they are going to give me a shot. I bet you're wondering who. I can't say, not just yet.

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