• Kitty Update

    If you read my previous post you know I was on my way to my local vet in hopes of finding the owner of the friendly stray cat that chose me as it's advocate. Unfortunately, I found it's owner.

    Microchips are amazing! Earlier today I called my former vet to ask if they scanned strays for microchips. Yeah! They do and at no charge! I found a random box from my garage sale stash, threw in one of my husband's sweaters to make the ride more comfy, and plunked in a seemingly sick but cooperative kitty. A few meows and we were off to the vet. When we arrived the assistant pulled out a device and waved it over kitty like a magic wand. Beeep. We have a winner! A microchip was found. She called the humane society and they gave us the owner's name and several phone numbers. I couldn't wait to call the owners and let them know their pet was in good hands until they could get to us.

    During our visit I mentioned to Dr. Harnett that the cat seemed sick. Sneezing, coughing and lethargic. He proceeded to take kitty's temperature to find that it was over 104. something and informed me that it was most likely a respiratory something which often resulted in pneumonia. He gave kitty an injection of antibiotics and said that would last a few days. He sent me off with a few bags of cat food to tide kitty over until his owner showed up. Oh, I asked Dr. Harnett and he confirmed kitty is a neutered male. When I tried to give the gal at the desk billing info for the check-up and drugs, Dr. Harnett said there would be no charge.

    I packed kitty up and raced to the car. I was so excited to let his family know they could stop worrying! I called the number on the post-it note as I sat in the parking lot. A man answered. He was very abrupt and when I told him the story there was this wierd long pause. I sheepishly asked if he would like to reunite with his pet and he said bluntly "NO" and hung up on me!

    My bubble burst. I marched back into the veterinarian's office and asked what I needed to do to help kitty become healthy. (He told me that the humane society does not take in sick animals for adoption.) I never imagined I would own a cat again, certainly not a Siamese, and not when my life is so up-in-the-air. My goal is to get kitty healthy and find a loving family to adopt him.

    In the meantime, kitty is sleeping in my garage under a heat lamp, as advised by the doctor. I had the assistant make a list of all the items I need to think about including vaccines and flea medication. (I was told kitty needs to be healthier before receiving anything on the list.) I arrived home and kitty looked at me with his sad blue eyes and I could just cry. I hope he doesn't know the owner he most likely adores doesn't give a crap about him.

    I will let you know how he does over the weekend. When he is able to have his flea stuff , he can join us inside. Anyone out there interested in adopting a wonderful and lovable Siamese with loads of personality?

    We should give him a name. He deserves one!

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