• Garage Sale Update. First Customer?

    I have been preparing for my garage sale for the past week and I am still not ready. Over the weekend we had our first customer. A talkative Siamese cat wandered into the garage and hasn't left. I assumed it must be a neighbor cat looking for a hand-out until I realized it was quite thin and dehydrated. I have been hoping it would decide to head home, where ever that is, but have determined it likes it here just fine. I have never been without an animal until recently, including dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, hamsters, rats, even a skunk. After our dog died last year, my husband and I decided to go pet less until our lives settle. It is a weirdly empty feeling but ok for the time being.

    I haven't set a date for the sale yet, but know it needs to happen soon. I am spending next week in LA. (May try to sneak in the Rose Bowl Flea while I'm there.)

    As a former retailer, my tables and shelves are organized by theme.

    Christmas is only how many days away?

    Gift wrap central.

    Some new.

    Some old.

    Some used.

    Things got worse before they got better.


    The sale is starting to shape up. I am taking an excursion to my vet with Kitty this afternoon to see if he or she has a micro chip to reveal it's true owner. Wish us luck!

    Bet you are drooling over my garage sale much should I charge for this gem?

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