• Acceptance.

    The Nebraska Junk Jaunt starts today! I have been dying to take the journey for the past few years however, it never seems to work with my schedule. I had forgotten it was happening this weekend until my friend Cammie called to invite me to join her on the jaunt.

    I struggled with my decision. You see, the photo above is my garage. My garage has been waiting all summer for me to sort and organize a garage sale. My window of opportunity is nearly up since snow has been known to arrive in Minnesota as early as October. My husband is anxious to have a spot back in the overpopulated garage for his car. Imagine that.

    I just finished A New Earth written by Eckhart Tolle. At the very end of the book he talks about acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm. I was torn....I would thoroughly enjoy a junking get-a-way and would no doubt shop with enthusiasm. After much thought and an exaggerated look of distress on my husband's face, I chose the acceptance route. I accept the fact that I will stay home and prepare for my sale and promised myself I will enjoy the people I meet and enthusiastically make a spot in the garage for my husband's car.

    Cammie promised me lots of photos of the Junk Jaunt so I can share them with you next week. More Junk Bonanza stories to come.

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