• Winding down.

    I can't put into words how spectacular Junk Bonanza 2008 was. I guess I'll just have to post a gazillion photos this week. The weekend was full of incredible stories that included rivers running through the tent as customers shopped in the mud without batting an eye, a city-wide black out that brought shopping in the ballroom to a dead halt for 2 hours, a fun filled pajama party with the Red Shed gals, and visiting with wonderful folks from all over the US and Canada including many that visit my blog. There is so much to talk about it may take 2 weeks to tell it all!

    My husband and I got home at 2: AM this morning and immediately crashed. Our Sunday consisted of unloading a trailer and truck and catching up on our sleep.

    I was just thinking, if they made hug meters I bet I hugged over a thousand times. It was amazing!

    Can't wait to read stories on the blogs of all the folks that visited the Bonanza! If I can figure out how to link, I will add them to my site. Help. I bet you are wondering what happened to Sandy.

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