• Priorities

    The phone rang 12 times, the delivery man showed up at my door with 250 T.shirts, I received 29 emails. I continued to call & email folks to explain why I wasn't getting back to them will be tomorrow. That was all in 45 minutes. The forty five minutes before I had to leave my computer behind to get my hair done. Figures. Normally I might throw in the towel and call Bea, my stylist of over 22 years, and beg her forgiveness as I reschedule. I just couldn't skip this time. I have 2 TV appearances scheduled in the next few days and need to make believe I have it all together at the Bonanza next week. (Fresh hair color makes you look really on top of your personal grooming.) Oh yeah, that was one of the calls...could I come up with 2 completely different TV segments including quick how-to's and projects. No problem!

    The best part of my day was when my junkin' buddy, Cammie, sent me photos from her phone every few minutes as she was out junking. I call it virtual junking. Love the green suitcases! Wouldn't have a problem picking those out at the baggage claim.

    If I look a little frazzled when you see me next...don't be fooled...I definitely have it all together. I had time to get my hair done. Didn't I?

    Oh, my post for this evening... it will be tomorrow.
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