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    Contest over. I am so excited about your submissions for Junk Lady. I know it will be hard to narrow it down to just one. I am sorry it is over as I checked the comments regularly to brighten my day! Check back for the winner on Wednesday Sept. 10th.

    I am now in countdown mode...just 2 weeks till the Bonanza. I am feeling a little stressed but have a hardworking, enthusiastic, and talented posse to help me pull off the best junk round-up in the Midwest. I have asked vendors to send photos of some of the antiques, artwork, and junk they will be bringing to the Bonanza and will give you a tempting taste next week.

    "Wish I may, wish I might, find the junk I wish tonight."

    A good friend of mine, Kristin Camp, made the decision a few years ago to give up her hand painted clothing business to devote her energies to mom hood. Her brand, Campers, was sold in stores across the U.S. including Nordstom. Now that she is settling in with her new job as chief mom of 2, she has designed a line of greeting cards for us junkers. She will launch her card line as well as sign and sell her 2009 calendar at the Bonanza. (She has delightfully struggled with the days just don't seem long enough to little messy fingers in her paints.) For those that can't make it to the event she will have them available online shortly. It has been a blast adding my junk input during the development process. My favorite card is "Friends don't let friends junk alone". (Not shown) Here are some photos of her original art before it is adapted to cards.

    I think she is changing this one to read "Junk Muffin".

    "True confessions of a junk addict."

    This is one of my favs!

    I recieved this award from Grinnin Gramma Sher a while back and am grateful for the recognition! Grinnin Gramma Sher

    Have a great weekend!

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