• Contest. Name that Junker!

    I have been working on new Tshirt designs for my soon to launch Junk Revolution online store. This little lady was designed by Teiran Haskin, friend, graphic designer, and fellow junker. Originally I planned on calling her Misunderstood Junker. I then changed my mind and named her Junk Lady. A few days later I thought of Junk on the brain. I am now totally confused and undecided. It finally dawned on me to just ask you!

    I am planning on printing her name within the design, so it can't be very long. Please let me know who you think she looks like. Tieran and I will vote on your suggestions and announce the winner right here on Sept 10 2008.

    Deadline for your entry is Wednesday August 27 2008 at 11:59 PM Central. We will have the Tshirts printed in time to sell them at the Junk Bonanza. I think they will be a cool green...haven't decided that yet either.

    What do you win? Four Tshirts for you and your junking friends, right off the press! (You pick the sizes, of course.)

    I can't wait to hear your ideas...I must have junk on my brain.
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