• Mermaid Mania

    As seasoned junkers we have seen it all before. Even junk can be a little "ho hum, I've seen a million of those" at times. Once in a junker's blue moon we happen upon a curious object that is so unusual one is mesmerized by it's rarity. You can't imagine it in your home above the sofa, none the less, you are attracted to its' uniqueness and have to have it.

    Such is the story of Mirabella. Cammie, good friend and Junker Extraordinaire, found this gal hidden from avid mermaid collectors in a shop in Nebraska. She had been there for quite some time and was begging to go home with someone that appreciates her delightful expression. Mirabella will be for sale, to the right family, of course, at the Junk Bonanza in September.

    I insisted she put some clothes (shells) on for the photo. Mirabella comes without a story to date. We are trying to find out more about her past. If you have any idea, please help us in our search. She is 36" tall and looks to have hung on a wall or possibly the front of a ship. We can't determine her age or material, but it is obvious she is old. (She isn't wood, plastic or plaster.) I am hoping there are a few mermaid experts out there that are willing to share their knowledge. Her story could be as romantic as sailing across the ocean guiding a famous ship or as ordinary as the centerpiece of the salad bar at a local seafood restaurant. I'm betting she has ties to a carnival.

    She is willing to change her name, I just gave her the name Mirabella...I don't think she is attached to it yet.

    Help Mirabella find her history. Please if you have any knowledge of Mermaids, particularly of Nebraskan heritage, let me know. Feel free to guess or make one up if you haven't a clue.

    Nothing ho hum about Mirabella! I think we should have a junker's blue moon contest. I will figure out how to do one. Kinda like Shabby Scrap's dress form parade! I need to figure out voting and a prize. This will be fun!

    Take care,
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