• What play by play?

    I bet you are wondering what happened to that play by play. Once again the week took me by the arm and and dragged me to what day is it Wednesday!?! I have done a poor job of documenting my meetings, projects, writings, and remembering to take photos. This morning I ran after the big brown UPS truck as it drove away pleading for a photo. I need something to show folks I really do do something with my time. (Can I say that? do do?)

    The week has been a crazy blur. The kicker was this evening when I informed my web person that Joan Steffend from HGTV's Decorating Cents will be joining us at the Bonanza. I was mortified when I realized I spelled both her name and the name of her show incorrectly. Forgive me Joan. I'd better get some sleep.

    I will update you tomorrow. Really. I must hit the hay now.

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