• Blogging for dummies.

    If you haven't noticed, I'm still trying to get the hang of things. My typing has gotten a lot faster, I learned how to use spell check, and I have become more efficient at posting photos. I did learn however, I'm suppose to downsize my photos so when you click on them my nose doesn't take up the entire screen. My son saved the day and explained to me how to download powertoys so I will now be able to resize photos in bunches. Yeah! I also learned I can upload photos 5 at a time to my blog. I am out of my comfort zone for sure!

    I will be adding to my favorites as I go. Baby steps...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is definitely learn as you go. Thanks to all for your kind words and encouraging comments.

    I suspect I might be overthinking blogging. I am so worried when I write something, it may be taken the wrong way. Am I the only one that worries about this?

    Since I haven't figured out the whole reply thing...Yes, I will be at Oronoco in August. Will let you know where as I know more. Yes, it was really weird seeing my daughter dead on TV. Her episode is in reruns now. It is the Las Vegas CSI and the episode is called Sweet Jane. I only watched it once...that was enough.

    I think I'm getting hooked on this blog thing!

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