• The story behind the junk. Part 1

    I started my first business at age 19. Immediately after graduating from high school I went to work for a local clothing store. I was young, energetic, and totally naive. Within a few short months I concluded the company was doing it all wrong and offered my suggestions to management. They ignored my thoughtful recommendations and insinuated I was clueless. The nerve! It was at that moment I made up my mind to be my own boss. What was I thinking? Within 90 days I opened my first business.

    I owned and operated Ki Clayton, women's clothing stores, for 25 years. When I finally determined I'd had enough of indoor shopping malls, making sure my belt matched my shoes, and the daily trek across town I struggled for months with What's next? I couldn't imagine working for someone else. I liked being my own boss! Owning a small business can be extremely painful at times, exhausting while raising a family, yet incredibly rewarding. I wanted more of the same. Just different.

    Today I spend my time searching for unconventional shopping malls (void of chain stores), wear the same holey jeans several days in a row (sometimes without a belt), and while I may put thousands of miles on my pick-up...the scenery is magnificent. And the best part is, I'm my own boss!

    Blast the junk tunes! The road is callin'.

    Stairway to junk heaven.

    I just love the displays!

    You meet the nicest people junking! Meet Clarence.

    Bed shopping. Sure beats slumberland

    Just me and the chickens.

    Not sure if the To Go is significant.

    Car shopping was never this fun! My color, don't you think?

    My latest junking fashion statement.

    Stay tuned for parts 2 & 3.

    Take care,

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