• What does TV have to do with Junking? Nothing.

    I started this post during a commercial for So You Think You Can Dance. I don't watch a lot of TV but I do like this show along with American Idol. The only problem is I feel like such a slug after watching all those wonderfully athletic, beautiful, and energetic bodies dancing across the stage. Makes me feel like going to a flea market and dragging the heaviest cupboard across the field to my pick-up...several times.

    My day began with coffee with my best friend. If you are going to get to know me then you must know my rock. Patty and I have been best friends for 30+ years. We have continued to pass the same birthday card back and forth for over 20 years. (Recycling Hallmark would not be excited about.) She has to caretake the card for 11 months, I just need to store it for 1 month. She has all the pressure! As many of you know I am starting a new business, Junk Revolution. She has been my reason and support. I found out just today, while she has been listening to me share my fears and tribulations, she has been volunteering at a summer tutoring program for homeless families in downtown MPLS. I am humbled once again by the people I love. She hated having her picture taken...I didn't tell her tomorrow she would be famous!

    Okay, As I mentioned I love watching American Idol. My husband and I have gotten totally into it...and I won't apologize. When I was in LA visiting our daughter Taylor this spring she surprised me with tickets to the show and better yet, back stage passes. I guess you could say I was a little star struck! (Taylor is an up and coming young may have seen her dead on CSI) That is for another blog.

    I didn't go junking today...but I did get to spend some time at Home Depot while I gathered materials for my Country Home November column. I do love hardware stores. I bet I'm not the only one!

    Take care,

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