• Backstage at the Bonanza

    What started out as a ginormous garage sale at my house over 8 years ago has turned into a rip rockin' annual event called the Junk Bonanza. I invite 100 of my favorite dealers of antiques, collectibles,and junk to sell their wares at the Medina Entertainment Center just west of Minneapolis, MN in September.

    It is a colossal job for the Bonanza posse, some of the nicest folks you'll ever meet! Today was a recap meeting to go over PR, placement of booths and the ever so important topic of porta potty rental.

    We decided to meet at Jane's shop in Carver MN as I have been spending way too much time in the office and needed a junk fix.

    Jane is holding a cemetery stake that she raises occasionally when she has a question. Mustard Moon, Jane's shop is open once a month and has some of the most unusual junk you'll ever see. Space is limited, but she makes the most of it by combining the workshop with the bathroom. I love the fact that you can shop while you pee. I spotted an awesome wooden car dolly today behind the perfectly patina ed primitive cupboard next to the john. No need to waste any time while junking!

    I couldn't resist taking a few shots of some of my favorite junk items.

    This year we have added the Junk Corral to the Bonanza, a western flavored booth filled with Cowboy & Cowgirl junk! I am having a whole lotta fun shopping!

    It is amazing how many hats one must wear to throw a shindig like the Bonanza. I think I like my junker's hat the best!


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