• I'm Smiling now. Thank You.

    I gotta tell you, you made my day! I have been at the computer for 8 hours working with my long time friend and bookkeeping guru, Emily, setting up the books for my new company, Junk Revolution. I hate numbers! I love Junk! Emily loves numbers! (I must say she has grown fonder of junk over the years, thanks to me!)

    I must admit she helped me add to the right side of the blog page...I think I could have done it myself, it just would have taken me all day and multiple emails to Margo.

    When I first showed Emily my blog and saw that there was so many comments I thought it was a mistake. Maybe I posted wrong. Maybe I pushed the wrong buttons...I realized they were real comments from real people. What a weird feeling. You made me smile. Thank you.

    I promise tomorrow I will act like an old pro and blog away. Tonite I will just say Thank You. You made me smile.

    Am I suppose to sign my name now? Peace. Ki
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