• On your mark. Get set. Junk!

    Welcome to my world. You need to know... I think in pictures, not words so this is a big step for me. Thanks to Margo (Robolady) and the encouragement I received from her readers, I'm going to give it a go! I'm not exactly sure what to write, so I hope everyone will comment to help me keep it interesting. I also must mention, I am a very slow typist and not very proficient on the computer so I am hoping to improve my skills through Junk Camp. Enough excuses...

    Margo said "Just take one step at a time." My first step was to decide on a name. The first name I chose was taken...A sex blog spot it seems. OOPS! When you're dealing with the word junk I guess that's bound to happen.

    Uploading photos is my next obstacle. Wish me luck. (She helped me upload this first photo from my Junk Bonanza website...I have no idea how I did it.)

    On your mark. Get set. Junk! (I just found spellcheck! It is my lucky day!)
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