• Good Karma!

    A little story about good karma. Off topic? Maybe. Uplifting? Definitely.


    About a month ago I had my hairdresser friend, J Money, (yes, that's her name) come over to give me a 'do' for my 30th birthday. Side note: We obviosly chose an edgy 'mohawk' look. Little did I know I was getting engaged that evening to my amazing BF of almost five years. He laughed a little to himself when he saw my hair, knowing that I may have chosen a more conservative look if I'd have know it was the night of my proposal.

    In any case, I wrote J Money a check for the 'do' and we went out to party. About a week later she called to tell me she accidentally misplaced the check, which was written out to CASH. She asked me to stop payment and in all the business, I completely forgot. I hoped it was lost somewhere in her purse, or car, considering anyone off the street could cash the check if they found it.

    Yesterday, I went to the mailbox and received a letter with no return address. I opened it up and inside found the check I had written, along with a note that said "found this on the road." I was so happy!! Not only had this person NOT cashed the check, but they actually took the time (and stamp) to mail it back to me so nobody else was able to cash it. 

    I can't thank this person, as there was no return address- but it's really nice to know that there are caring people (even in Los Angeles!) who will take the time to brighten your day. Sometimes it's about the small things we do- that affect people more that we think. I thought it was a great way to start the new year! It's encouraged me to do more thoughful things, as tiny as they may be, and I know whoever sent the check back to me has some really GOOD KARMA coming there way!

    Would love to hear examples of ways people have brightened YOUR day!



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    • Shelby says...

      That story made my night. So nice to hear that things like that still happen especially in a big city like LA!

      On March 17, 2013

    • Cat Geiger says...

      Ya know, as much evil and meanness that goes on in this old world, there are still lots of GOOD people. We need to hear more stories like this one for sure!

      On January 09, 2013

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