• Ki & Taylor shoot for America Now News!

    On Friday, Ki and Taylor shot segments for America Now News as their "vintage experts". In the segments, airing Fall 2013, they offer helpful flea market tips and creative vintage inspiration.

    Being on TV called for a little makeup, so they brought in their secret weapon, Jessica Liparoto, AKA "J Money". J Money is a good friend and makeup/hair stylist extraordinaire.

    After hair and makeup, Ki and Taylor got cozy in Ki's living room and were ready for their closeups!

    Vanessa, Flea Market Style Magazine's Editorial Assistant was too busy styling the set to get her picture taken, but she did a great job and the room looked fabulous!

    J Money stayed close by, just in case Ki and Taylor needed a little primping on set. What divas!

    And then it was go time! Lights, camera, action! Ki and Taylor made their best attempt to sound professional and not to stumble on their words.

    Ki looked great on the monitor. TV star in the making?

    Beans (the office dog/mascot) decided he needed to jump in on the shoot. Too bad he decided to fart during the sound check! How embarrassing!

    Overall it was a great experience and Ki and Taylor had a blast! Be sure to check out the segments when they air in the Fall!


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