• Blogging for dummies.

    If you haven't noticed, I'm still trying to get the hang of things. My typing has gotten a lot faster, I learned how to use spell check, and I have become more efficient at posting photos. I did learn however, I'm suppose to downsize my photos so when you click on them my nose doesn't take up the entire screen. My son saved the day and explained to me how to download powertoys so I will now be able to resize photos in bunches. Yeah! I...

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  • The story behind the junk. Part 1

    I started my first business at age 19. Immediately after graduating from high school I went to work for a local clothing store. I was young, energetic, and totally naive. Within a few short months I concluded the company was doing it all wrong and offered my suggestions to management. They ignored my thoughtful recommendations and insinuated I was clueless. The nerve! It was at that moment I made up my mind to be my own boss. What was I thinking? Within 90 days I opened my first...

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  • What does TV have to do with Junking? Nothing.

    I started this post during a commercial for So You Think You Can Dance. I don't watch a lot of TV but I do like this show along with American Idol. The only problem is I feel like such a slug after watching all those wonderfully athletic, beautiful, and energetic bodies dancing across the stage. Makes me feel like going to a flea market and dragging the heaviest cupboard across the field to my pick-up...several times.

    My day began with coffee with my...

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  • Backstage at the Bonanza

    What started out as a ginormous garage sale at my house over 8 years ago has turned into a rip rockin' annual event called the Junk Bonanza. I invite 100 of my favorite dealers of antiques, collectibles,and junk to sell their wares at the Medina Entertainment Center just west of Minneapolis, MN in September.

    It is a colossal job for the Bonanza posse, some of the nicest folks you'll...

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  • I'm Smiling now. Thank You.

    I gotta tell you, you made my day! I have been at the computer for 8 hours working with my long time friend and bookkeeping guru, Emily, setting up the books for my new company, Junk Revolution. I hate numbers! I love Junk! Emily loves numbers! (I must say she has grown fonder of junk over the years, thanks to me!)

    I must admit she helped me add to the right side of the blog page...I think I could have done it myself,...

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  • On your mark. Get set. Junk!

    Welcome to my world. You need to know... I think in pictures, not words so this is a big step for me. Thanks to Margo (Robolady) and the encouragement I received from her readers, I'm going to give it a go! I'm not exactly sure what to write, so I hope everyone will comment to help me keep it interesting. I also must mention, I am a very slow typist and not very proficient on the computer so I am hoping to improve my skills through Junk Camp....

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